Our Team

Brandon Eby, BA Student
Undergraduate Coordinator

Brandon Eby is in the second year of their undergraduate degree in social and cultural anthropology, at the University of Calgary. Brandon is the undergraduate coordinator for the Ethnography Lab and the current Social & Cultural Co-President of the Kula Ring.

Chetna Khandelwal BA, MA Candidate
Training Coordinator

Chetna is a Master’s candidate in the Department of Sociology, at the University of Calgary. A significant component of Chetna’s research involves studying online activism and attitudes towards its effectiveness. She examines the falsehoods behind the perception that Twitter, Facebook, and other social media based activism is essentially “clictivism” or “slactivism”

Hunter Yaworski BSc
Administrative Coordinator

Hunter Yaworski is a recent University of Calgary graduate with a BSc in Anthropology and Geography. He is planning on undertaking graduate studies, with a focus on the Anthropology of Political Activism. Hunter is active and involved with various community organizations in Calgary.